Herbhaven In top six for Australia’s Best Vermouth – YGOW

So pleased and humbled by the impressive company in the Young Gun of Wine foray to find Australia’s best vermouth. Herbhaven Coraggio classic white vermouth was well received, landing in the top six.
What the judges said:

Killeen rated this as his wine of the day, while four other panellists also included it in their top six lists. “On the nose, lemon zest, lovely lemony jammy notes, cooked elderflower, buttery and elegant,” wrote Marzo. “Great balance between sweetness and bitterness, accompanied with a good amount of acidity. The finish is long, developing to preserved lemon with a hint of marzipan.” “I found something new in this wine every time I went back,” noted Devine, “all bound by a nicely balanced weight. The nose was almost amaro-esque, with menthol and wormwood, ginger and baking spice but this led into quite a delicate palate. Silky, bright, lemoncurd sweetness with a saline edge and crushed herbs keeping it interesting. The weight and sweetness was such that I couldn’t decide if I’d want it before or after dinner – maybe both!”“Tropical nose with good artemesia and floral notes and slight effervescent mouthfeel,” wrote Fazio. “Similar in style to European vermouths. High sweetness level with cardamom and spices, leading to citrus, pithy coriander notes.Would like to see it in a martini.” Lapalus also registered this among his wines of the day. “The first impression in the mouth is sweetness, followed and refreshed by lemon aroma, again intense, followed by some notes of anise and fennel. The bitterness is then balancing the sweet impression and keeps growing to a clean finish…. Well-balanced medium-dry vermouth.”

Full article can be found here: https://younggunofwine.com/australias-best-vermouth/

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